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Hi! I'm an ADHD Life Coach based in Melbourne, Australia. I work predominantly with teens from all across the country to build ADHD-friendly lives.


How Can I Support You?

I empower youth across Australia to boost self-confidence and develop a toolkit of practical, helpful strategies which make each day a little easier.


Coaching is collaborative, rewarding and empowering!


I’m thrilled you’ve found your way here! If you have a teenager struggling with the challenges ADHD brings, you’re not alone. They may be lacking confidence, finding it difficult to manage everyday tasks, and desperately needing a roadmap to navigate their challenges. You are in the right place!


The great news is together, through weekly coaching sessions, your teen can access a toolkit of strategies designed specifically for the ADHD brain. This toolkit is the roadmap to improved organisation, motivation, self-regulation, memory, and so much more.


If you would like your teen to discover and use tools designed to create a clear roadmap that works for them, let's chat!

If you want your teen to become more confident and learn how to lean on their strengths while using ADHD-specific tools and strategies to make their lives easier, now is the right time to explore One-on-One ADHD Life Coaching.


Teens are already going through a lot of changes and often feel like nobody truly understands the impact of ADHD and what it is like for them to navigate relationships and school. This is tough for them! 


Teens with ADHD need specific knowledge, tools, and strategies that can empower them to be more confident and have a true understanding and acceptance of themselves. 


Click the link below to book a 15 minute chat and together we can create a clear roadmap for your teen. 👇 

Click here to book a day and time for us to meet.