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Empowering Lives with ADHD Coaching and Education


I'm Trudy, a passionate certified ADHD Life Coach and dedicated educator with over two decades of experience in the classroom. My journey is both personal and professional - living with ADHD myself, I've navigated the challenges and embraced the unique strengths this condition brings.

My mission is twofold: empowering teens and women who have ADHD to make transformative changes in their lives, and enlightening educators on how to create inclusive, supportive learning environments for students with ADHD.

As a former classroom teacher, I've witnessed firsthand the diverse needs of students with ADHD. This experience, combined with my own ADHD journey, has equipped me with a deep understanding and empathy towards the challenges faced by individuals with this condition. It's this insight that I bring to my coaching and educational programs.

I believe in the power of personalised strategies and the importance of well-being in managing ADHD. Through my coaching, I strive to help my clients harness their unique strengths, develop effective coping mechanisms, and build confidence in their personal and professional lives.

As an educator to teachers, I emphasise the significance of an inclusive approach in the classroom. I provide practical tools and insights to help teachers better understand and support their students with ADHD, fostering an environment where every student can thrive.

Above all, I am committed to sharing real-life stories of success and hope. Each journey with ADHD is unique, and I am here to guide, support, and celebrate the powerful, positive changes in the lives of those I work with.

Join me in this journey towards empowerment and understanding. Together, we can unlock the full potential of every individual touched by ADHD.

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Psychiatrist and author William W. Dodson, MD, estimates children by age 12 with ADHD receive up to 20,000 more negative messages from parents teachers and other adults than their friends and siblings who do not have ADHD.