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I'm Trudy Parkin, an ADHD coach with extensive experience helping teens and university students thrive!




Together, we develop personalised strategies tailored for the ADHD brain, making everyday life easier and more manageable. They know they have me as a cheerleader and supporter. Working closely together, we build skills for daily success.



Trudy Parkin ADHD Life Coach



As a parent, you want the best for your teenager or university student and so do I!


Are you seeking the best support for your teen or young adult? With over 25 years of experience in education, I offer a warm and approachable coaching style that creates a supportive environment where your child can thrive. With my extensive knowledge, expertise, and lived experience of ADHD, I provide a coaching process that goes beyond the basics. I take the time to build meaningful connections, a crucial element in effective coaching.

Together, we’ll uncover their unique strengths and address their challenges. As a dedicated ADHD coach, I provide tailored strategies specifically designed for teens and university students. My goal is to help them maximise their abilities, navigate obstacles, and achieve their goals. Based in Melbourne, I am proud to work with clients from all over Australia, thanks to the power of technology.




Are you concerned about your teen or young adult feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of study, homework, time management, social connections, and intense emotions? Navigating these challenges can be difficult without the right support and guidance.


Through personalised coaching, and understanding the ADHD brain, we create effective strategies that lead to success in both academics and personal growth. By boosting confidence and developing problem-solving skills, clients discover that partnering with me is key to achieving their goals.



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Within a nurturing and non-judgmental space

All clients can feel comfortable to share their personal challenges with ADHD. Together, we set goals to make their everyday lives brighter and lighter! Unlock your teen or university student’s full potential by equipping them with essential life skills for a brighter future.




If you would like to learn more about ADHD coaching, don't be shy—I would love to hear from you!