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Certified ADHD Life Coach for Teens!


As a Certified ADHD Teen Life Coach with over twenty-five years of experience as an enthusiastic teacher, I bring a wealth of knowledge and tools to the table. My goal is to help teens with ADHD work smarter, manage their time effectively, and overcome the challenges that come with juggling schoolwork and personal growth. 


My passion is anchored in connection! As someone with an ADHD diagnosis, I deeply understand the nuances of living with ADHD. This personal insight drives my commitment to supporting others in making real and positive changes in their lives. I offer a blend of empathy, experience, and evidence-based strategies and tools to empower teenagers.


I believe that every teenager who has ADHD, has the potential to thrive. My mission is to guide, support, and empower teens living with ADHD by providing access to knowledge, tools, and strategies. This enables them to build self-confidence and develop self-compassion, creating a life where they can truly flourish.