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ADHD Coaching 

Parents of teenagers with ADHD often share feelings of helplessness. They are unsure of the right things to say or do to support their teens. Teenagers can be moody, and those with ADHD face additional executive function challenges, making their everyday lives even more difficult.


Having ADHD can mean daily struggles with executive function challenges, which are crucial for everyday life skills, including:

  • Organisation
  • Planning/prioritising
  • Flexible thinking
  • Task initiation
  • Emotional regulation
  • Working memory
  • Time management 
  • Goal persistence 




These executive function skills are essential for everyday success. Often, even accomplishing 'the little things' can be a challenge.





This can profoundly impact individuals with ADHD, leading to low confidence, low self-esteem, and exhaustion, as managing everyday tasks can be difficult



Simply encouraging your teen with ADHD to 'try harder,' 'get motivated,' or 'care more' won't be effective. They need to develop the necessary executive function skills and strategies that set them up for success.

Managing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be challenging, but your teenager doesn’t have to face it alone! The challenges of ADHD are real and can significantly impact daily activities, but it also brings unique personal strengths.


As your teenager's coach, we will identify and utilise these strengths, fostering a positive mindset and a proactive approach. We’ll focus on recognising your teen's abilities to build confidence, motivation, and resilience.


This will be a nurturing and non-judgmental space where your teen can feel comfortable sharing their personal challenges with ADHD. Together, we will set goals to make their everyday lives brighter and lighter.




Together, we will uncover valuable insights that help create personalised strategies tailored to the ADHD brain and systems, making a positive difference in your teen's everyday life.





Together, we take time to reflect upon, acknowledge, and celebrate ALL accomplishments, both big and small!





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