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Weekly Teen Homework Crew Sessions 


With ADHD, homework can become a real struggle! But what we also know, is that it’s not a problem that can’t be overcome if we take the right steps. Homework assignments can overwhelm and frustrate students with ADHD who struggle with executive functions, focus, and organisation. 


I have a homework system that REALLY WORKS! The great news is together we can eliminate one of the added pressures on your relationship with your teen. You can stop nagging them to do their homework! Imagine how good it will feel when you teen independently manages their time and homework/study pressures. The best news is, every week I get to share essential study, focus, organisation and more tips which makes homework easier for your teen.


Don't just take my word for it – teens who were once constantly nagged to do their homework are now independently joining the Homework Crew sessions multiple times a week! Initially, they planned to attend only once a week, but week after week, they are joining more and more sessions.


The Thriving Minds Homework Crew is designed specifically to support teens to become more organised, in control, and less prone to procrastination. Teens are sharing that they feel more in control, more organised, and they are no longer leaving homework or study to the last minute. 


In the Meantime You Might be Wondering, "How on Earth Do You Pull it Off?"


"How do you get a bunch of teens many who have ADHD want to do their homework AND achieve success every night?"


Every week I use evidence based strategies which are essential for teens with ADHD, they get to learn all of the tricks and strategies which work for the ADHD brain BUT the tricks and strategies also benefit those without ADHD. They have homework wins and everyone enjoys the feeling of accomplishment!


We use body doubling & establish routines (and of course we make it enjoyable!)

This point can never be overstated: teens with ADHD benefit greatly from having a consistent routine. It helps them start their homework and maintain focus. That's why I've implemented a strategy called Body Doubling, which has been a game-changer for our teens! It's like having a built-in productivity partner, someone working alongside them. This external form of accountability really makes a difference!


We create bite sized steps (for EVERY homework session!)

Arrrgh even the thought of starting homework is difficult for teens with ADHD! They can find it difficult to know where to begin and what to begin with! I teach teens strategies how to get started and what to start with. This reduces procrastination and the feeling of overwhelm. I empower and enable teens to get started and complete what they have started! 


We use the Pomodoro Technique (routine, routine, routine)

I LOVE to keep it simple! I've found a great way to help our teens stay focused and productive—it's called the Pomodoro Technique. Here's how it works: we break our work into two sessions of 20 minutes each. But before we start, we all set a goal for our homework and share it in our chat. This helps keep our teens accountable and motivated. Once they've shared their goal, it's amazing how motivated they become to tackle their tasks and achieve their goals step by step. With a five minute break in-between, we provide your teen with timed break from concentrating, this gives them time to access our recommended brain break exercises. They come back to the second twenty minute session feeling refreshed and energised! 

So if you're wondering how I keep our teens on track and productive, it's all thanks to the Pomodoro Technique!


I provide strategies AND tools to boost teen confidence (and so much more...)

I also provide weekly academic and organisational tips designed to help high school students with ADHD finish homework, execute long-term projects, manage their time, and avoid feeling overwhelmed. 


When teens work with me they receive...

  • Planners
  • Matrixes
  • Graphic organisers
  • Strategies to organise school work

Your teen can join me starting this week or next! The Homework Crew sessions run on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time). *** If you would like your teen to receive a free trial of up to 3 hours of homework motivation and support, click the link below.

The Homework Crew follows the Melbourne public school term, with all memberships paused during school holidays. Membership costs $15 per week.


I can hear you asking, "This all sounds too good to be true. How do I sign my teen up?"


Click here! Your teen can trial 3 free hours of homework support.


***Your teen will receive a personal welcome video from me, explaining what to expect in The Homework Crew sessions. I will guide them step-by-step through what each session looks like so they can see and hear for themselves that the online sessions are a place to feel comfortable and supported as they work through their homework each evening