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Welcome to Thriving Minds Coaching & Education

At Thriving Minds Coaching, we believe in empowering educators to create inclusive classrooms, particularly for students with ADHD.

Our workshops are designed for teachers who aspire to understand and support every student's unique learning journey.

Understanding ADHD as a distinct brain type is crucial. It shapes how children engage with their environment and learning. Teachers empowered with the right tools and knowledge can significantly improve engagement, well-being, and learning outcomes.


Our Workshops

At Thriving Minds Coaching, we design our workshops specifically for teachers, who aspire to understand and support every student's unique learning journey.

Understanding ADHD as a distinct brain type is crucial. It shapes how children engage with their environment and their learning process. Teachers empowered with the right tools and knowledge can significantly improve student engagement, well-being, and learning outcomes.


Welcome to a World of Understanding and Embracing ADHD

This is not just a goal, but a journey I am deeply passionate about. As a seasoned educator with a rich background in educational systems, I bring a unique blend of expertise in neuro-affirming teaching strategies and personal insights from my own experiences with ADHD.

My journey as a teacher and an ADHD Life Coach has equipped me with a profound comprehension of the challenges and triumphs associated with ADHD.


Tackling Real-World Challenges in Education

Children with ADHD often encounter more hurdles in their educational journey than their peers. Our workshops are meticulously crafted to address these challenges head-on. We equip teachers with evidence-based strategies and tools to not only understand these obstacles but to transform them into opportunities for growth and learning.


Our Approach is not just about Developing Current Capabilities

It's about inspiring a continuous journey of learning and growth. Teachers who complete our training become beacons of knowledge and support, leading the way in their schools and communities.


Building a Thriving Educational Environment for All

The impact of our training goes beyond individual classrooms. It lays the foundation for a more inclusive, understanding, and successful educational system. Every student, regardless of their challenges, deserves a chance to thrive, and our workshops ensure that teachers are fully equipped to make this a reality.




Why Thriving Minds Coaching & Education?

Are you in search of an inclusive educator who not only has a profound understanding of ADHD but also brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a tremendous amount of passion?

Look no further – Trudy is exactly the person you want on your team!

At Thriving Minds Coaching & Education, we pride ourselves on combining deep insight into educational systems with effective and inclusive teaching strategies. What sets Trudy apart is not just her expertise, but her ability to make every workshop engaging and relatable through her own experiences.

Trudy's workshops are more than educational sessions; they are a fusion of professional knowledge and personal insight, resonating with educators and empowering them to make a real difference. Her style is not only informative but also deeply empathetic, making complex concepts in ADHD education both understandable and applicable.

Whether you're looking to transform your classroom, enhance your teaching methods, or create a more inclusive environment for all learners, Trudy's guidance is invaluable. With Thriving Minds Coaching & Education, you're not just gaining a coach; you're embracing a partner in your journey towards creating a more understanding, supportive, and successful educational experience.

About Me


I'm Trudy and my journey as an ADHD Life Coach and educator is both personal and deeply rooted in professional experience. Receiving an ADHD diagnosis at the age of 48 was a transformative experience for me. The immense validation and relief I felt upon understanding the root cause of my lifelong challenges opened a new world of self-awareness and daily "aha moments." This personal journey has given me invaluable insights into how ADHD can impact one's life in unique and often misunderstood ways.

My passion lies in connecting with people. Having walked the path myself, I genuinely understand the nuances of living with ADHD. This understanding fuels my commitment to support others in making a real and positive difference in their lives. Whether it's through one-on-one coaching, group workshops, or educational sessions for teachers, I bring a blend of empathy, experience, and evidence-based strategies to the table.

As a seasoned educator with over two decades in the classroom, I combine my personal insights with professional expertise. My approach is holistic, focusing not just on overcoming challenges, but also on harnessing the unique strengths that come with ADHD.

I believe that every individual, regardless of their challenges, has the potential to thrive. My mission is to guide, support, and empower those living with ADHD – and the educators and families who support them – to create a life of fulfillment, understanding, and success.


What people are saying

Dear Trudy,

I shared my knowledge at a staff meeting at my school. I’ve had so much positive feedback from teachers about how much easier they are finding it to help those students now that they understand the cause of the behaviours. Thank you!

Adam - Teacher Education Workshop August 2023



'It was refreshing to learn about ADHD from a current educator. Trudy had a wealth of experience, I personally loved hearing her share real life stories’

Jess - Teacher Education Workshop August 2023



'I feel empowered by the new knowledge I gained and I cannot wait to use it to positively affect the children around me.'

Amanda - Teacher Education Workshop July 2023